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I share PPine's dislike of whiners on the trail, but I have found them of all shapes, sizes and certainly genders.

I have had to carry out gear for men on backpacking trips before. Sometimes they don't just whine, they plop down and give up entirely.

The women I've backpacked with have all made it out and back in style, wearing their blisters without complaint. Can't say the same about the men. Men are a varied bunch, some got all whiny butt about the cold, the miles - some of them just go, others say they can and stop 1,000,000 times to catch their breath.

My mom backpacked and fished. I backpack and fish. My friends backpack and fish. I clean my own fish, keep up with the young guys on SAR - this weekend I am conquering my fear of vertical surfaces for high angle training, along with the 10 other women on the team, and the dozen or so men who show up. This one guy will be wearing a heavy jacket and be whining about how cold it is, I'm sure. Predictable.
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