5 kinds of flashlights and 28 ounces of first aid with the sunscreen. Is that reasonable? Do you need a 15 ounce shell? On the otherhand do you have warm eough of clothes? Will all people be in one 40 ounce tent? I don't think theres anything really wrong here except for repetition, but then some times I have 4 pairs of gloves...
why does everyone need a leatherman and a monocular?
camp towels too heavy
too many canteens
why a case knife and leathermen?
why do you need a 6 ounce head light, a tikka and a minimag?
your total cook kit is too heavy.
If you practiced "leave out whatever you haven't used for the last 3 camping trips", you could drop these weights into the lightweight zone - below 20 pounds less food and water.
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