My name wouldn't be Gram Cracker if I didn't recommend weighing in grams. It's fun to find just a few you can eliminate without cost.

For instance, your camp towel and handkerchief could be half the size or even 1/4 size.

If you are using wet wipes, consider letting them dry out and rehydrating prior to use (assuming you aren't in a dry camp.)
Don't forget to drill holes in them. (Just kidding.)

Fuel weighs 750 grams/liter. Be sure not to bring a lot too much. If you can cut back, maybe you can get a smaller bottle and save some there. I figure .35 liters/week and I cook a lot.

I use plastic bottles for water instead of a camelback or canteen.

Cut all ropes to minimum size needed and use the thinest ropes you can.

Can you mix drinks in a one gallon ziplock instead of the bottle?

Stuff sacks can be heavy. Maybe replace with plastic bags where possible.

If you are putting your sleeping bag in a plastic bag during the day, maybe you can use it for a bear bag at night.

Don't forget to weigh your wallet, especially if you keep it in your pack. You only need an ID, some cash and a credit/debit card.

If you have to carry directions for the water filter, at least tear out the pages in other languages.

The process gets addicting. Once that happens, you will find your own ways to reduce weight.