1) Yes, the pack really weighs about 7lbs. I'll go find a better scale, but the math checks.

2) Leatherman is gone. I kept it in the poor assumtion that it would be useful for stove repairs. It didn't help so much when my pump body cracked, but it was still in the pack this summer blush. The 2oz swiss army knife comes instead.

3) The FAK is getting ripped apart and weighed as its own bag. I don't understand where the weight is coming from here. My earlier article on FAKs was describing THIS kit, so I'm a little miffed at myself. More to follow on seperate thread.

4) I weighed the wipes left over from the last kit with my son. Last 2 kid trip we ran out, and wiped with grape leaves, which won't work here in fall-spring. My daughter just ran through the things.

5) I'm going to one pot, and am going to try to build a cozy bowl out of a zip lock container to rehydrate lipton meals. I'm also starting to experiment with a supercat stove, and want all relevant advice.

6) I'm scarred by my tropical experience with the water containers. I can convert container types and cut a quarter pound. I should probably just cut loose, but the letting go is painful.

Keep it coming.



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