OK--God bless you. You asked for it.

And before we get into the details, are you sure your Kelty weighs over seven pounds? That seems REALLY high. we have some old Eureka 3800 packs that weigh 50 ounces....and would work just fine. That would drop FOUR POUNDS off your weight.

1. Leatherman. Why? Never found a problem on a backpacking trip that I could solve with a leatherman. Sewing kit, yes, but not a leatherman.

2. That's one heavy FAK. I think ours runs about half that.

3. 6 ounces for wipes? How many IS that?

4. We take one pot, not two. And that stove is heavier than most.

And I think you don't need the extra water containers. We take two 16 ouncers....and make them do for everything.

Add that up, and you would drop a few pounds, I think.

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