That's cool! (Not at all "Hillbilly" like mine blush

I've got some material I could use for a water bottle pouch like you've made, and some cord locks I've scrounged. One of those on each side would work great.

I tried putting water bottles in between one of the straps, pack, and frame, on each side, and they held nice and tight, but I'd have to loosen the strap a bit to remove one when I wanted a drink, and when I did that the bottle on the other side fell off too. It looked like a really good plan when I first put them there though frown

Thanks for showing me what you've got. I might still try the "tool belt" idea with my sack material. I'm thinking I might be able to make it so I can use it as a fanny pack for short hikes from a campsite. But I suspect I'll end up doing exactly what you did. That's all I really need, and I don't need more weight.

"You want to go where?"