YMMV, as usual. The primary choices here are spoon (in many varieties) or spork.

If you're in for freezer bag cooking, you may want something longer than the light my fire spork (which I use, but I still use a bowl). Many of the smarter folks here will recommend freezer bag cooking to you.

However, unless you are picking up a spoon from goodwill for less than $1, it is hard to beat the price on a light my fire spork. Also, it is hard to LOSE a light my fire spork given the color choices.

In a massive, but related, disgression, if you're going base camping with a kid's scout troop you may want a knife, fork, and spoon because the meals are more like what you'd cook at home, and (while I haven't tried it yet) sawing apart a hunk of meat with the light my fire spork or just a spoon might be inconvient and (cue Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ) it will probably hurt more.grin

However, you probably don't have to worry about that style of eating OR cooking when you are backpacking. However, if you are carrying the steak, I'm more than willing to come smirk crazy