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So once you get all the straps and stitching and belts attached...how much does it weigh?

My scale is a cheap one made for weighing fish and only graded by the 1/2 lb., but my best guesses shows it weighing in at about 3.2 lbs.

The original sack about a 1 lb. The new one about half that, maybe a bit less.

The frame itself about 2.5 lbs.

The strapping makes up the difference and there is much more there than I'll end up using, so I'd guess it will come in right about 3 lbs on the nose when I'm done.

I really do like the telescoping sack design. The sack is much bigger than the old one when extended, and slightly smaller when collapsed.

There are no mods needed on the frame. I just removed the stock pins and sack and added my straps where they fit best. I used the stock straps on the bottom of the frame for the diagonal straps holding the bottom of the new sack.

I'm sure all those old Kelty frames would work just as good, maybe even better. I'd think just about any old external frame could be retro fitted the same way.

I need to get some nylon upholstery thread. You can't buy any here in the boonies, so I guess I'll order it online and pay to ship it and wait for it to get here frown


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