Besides the toxic effects of methanol (and remember that methanol is usually an ingredient of "denatured" alcohol), any alcohol will damage tissue. The general rule now is not to use any of the old-fashioned disinfectants (alcohol, iodine, merthiolate, hydrogen peroxide, or even antibiotic ointment in open wounds. They damage the tissue and retard healing. It used to be, "if it stings, it's good." Nowadays the rule is, "if it stings, it's damaging the tissue." With antibiotic ointment, it's OK to put a thin layer over the top, preferably on the dressing, but don't put it down into deep wounds. Remembering the agonies I suffered with iodine and alcohol as a child, I'm sure my grandchildren prefer modern methods!

Those disenfectants are fine to clean the skin around the wound (in preparation for bandaging, or as prep for removing splinters or popping blisters), but should not be used in the wound itself.

All this according to the wilderness first aid class I took last summer, and confirmed by my son-in-law-the-ER-physician.

Irrigating under pressure, preferably with treated water, is the way to clean open wounds. If you don't have a syringe, put a pinhole in a plastic bag and squeeze it hard.
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