I have to second the Supercat. It's incredibly inexpensive, couldn't be much easier to make, and it works great.

I made a pepsi can stove first, actually made several, and I also found them all hard to light. They are really cool looking when they're going, and prettier than a homemade cat stove, but those are the only real advantages I can think of.

As far as smashing it by accident, I thought about that too, and concluded that I could do that pretty good, but not really any better than any other stove I could think of.

I checked into the zelph design. Thanks for the pointer to that. It's very nice. It's not as easy to build, cost more, but for the price he's asking for one he's made, it's a pretty sweet deal.

Now I'm going to go look at his wood stove wink

"You want to go where?"