I have been following the PCT journals. They are quite interesting. One reason I read them is to get an idea of backcountry conditions. I have done long trips before, but daily mileage nothing of the magnitude of the PCT hikers. Most of the journals focus on town days, meeting people and eating! They all have limited time to write their journals, but I wonder why no more is said about the country they travel through? I admit that I am on the other end of the spectrum- I focus on the wilderness experience and scenery- actually not that keen on seeing others! My trail notes that I jot on my maps are lots of travel statistics, notes on wildlife, weather, route details. I have also observed that the younger backpackers are very social. So it just might be that PCT hikers = young folks = more social. When I am out a long time I do not crave food, people or other civilized luxuries. When I come out going to a resturant is low on my priority list- a hot shower is top of my list! These "town" things rarely make it into my journals. The longest I have been out is 100 days with three short town breaks. All I wanted to do was get out of town as soon as possible.

Anyway, I encourage you to read the journals. I even ran into a PCT hiker last month, so now when I read his journal it is more personal. I wish the best of luck to ALL the hikers- PCT, CDT and other trails.