I see some high numbers on weight here. I was going to dump the stove idea and go no-cook, but that seems not to be a common thing to do. clothes will be 2 wicking shirts, one pair of pants that convert to shorts, baselayer (gets into the 30's at night in winter) however may leave that out as I sleep hot, even when it's cold.
1st aid kit.
water and some sort of filter (borrowed)
1.5lbs food/day x 3 days,
the smallest stove I get can my hands on (again, borrowed)
small pocket knife,
thin rope for hanging food
2 pair wool sock (one on foot)

Minimal water will need to be carried, there is an abundance of water where I will be.
sleeping pad (may not bring, never used one in the past)

I've gathered what I could and weighed it, not as heavy as expected, definately not getting near 40lbs. I will see if I can downsize the tent, save myself 6 lbs. I'd like to get below 30lbs.

Thanks for the replies, it helps, I think I need to start getting the borrowed equipment from people so I can nail down the weight. It's hard to plan when you have no idea what you will actually have.

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