I am 49 years old and after many years of not packing, I am looking to get back into it. I want to spend the later part of my life trying to take a little stress out and smell the roses per say. I am in real good shape for my age and I have been the oldest person in my Mixed Martial Arts and boxing classes for the last year (800 calories per hour!). So I think I am pretty good to go physically, other than getting used to pack weight etc. and using those muscles. I am 5'6" and a reasonably muscular 170lbs (not a body builder type - think boxer). I guess my question is this. Now days it seems that many folks my age are house mouses and in bad shape. TV watchers. I don't see too many older folks backpacking. I am starting to wonder - is my mind younger than what my body can handle? Is it reasonable for me to expect to get in a good 10-20 years covering some places like Glacier, Alaska and others? Or am I dilusional?