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I just want to say that I am 61 and I'm just starting backpacking and I'm so happy that I am physically able to do so!

My gf started backpacking at 61 (she just turned 62). I wasn't sure how far she could go or if she would even like it. She had back surgery about 10 yrs ago so she was a little worried about trying it. It seems the pack (the way it sits) really helps her back from getting stiff.

Her first backpacking trip was a total of 4 miles. Since whe enjoyed it I have slowly increased the mileage. We are up to 3 day trips where we avg about 8 miles a day.
One thing she found out is that she has asthma so we have to start off slow. She carries her inhalers and so far has done fine. Shedid ask me why most trails start off uphill...lol

I keep her pack weight down as much as possible. Basically she carries a cahnge of clothes, hammock, quilts and medicine.
She is wanting to increase the amount of items she carries. Now she feels like she needs to split the food, fuel, cooking pot and stove with me. We shall see about that.

We have talked about doing a 6-7 day trip now. I have seen her grow so much this past yr. She is so much more confident now compared to when she 1st started. The last trip we went on she was talking about gear with folks. smile