So my current backpack is 4lbs 8oz (and at least 25 years old.)

So I'm thinking it's time for a new pack. I'm heading into populated lands (that have a REI) and figured to pick up a pack. I was looking at the following:

REI Flash 50, Women's - 2lbs. 10oz.
GoLite Quest Pack (62L), Women's - 2lbs. 12oz.
GoLite Jam Pack (50L), - 1 lb. 15 oz.
Osprey Exos 46 Pack - 2lbs. 5 oz.

The REI has the Flash pack in stock. I can afford to buy one and ship it to REI. ONE - so what of the four left should I order? My weights are usu. 30-35 (full - with water.) I like all the wizzy wigs the Exos has and that is kinda the one I'm leaning towards. I usu. have a bear canister too - and I'm not sure where that would go on any of these =(