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....Once you get the training you won't need to ask the question. smile


I don't agree with this sentiment. My Father, who is a doctor, always brings far too much medical stuff with him on any kind of trip. Once on a family vacation, I got a small cut. My father found stitches, but couldn't find any band-aides.

If you get wilderness-specific training there is a great deal of information about what is useful to carry and what can be repurposed from other objects. The training is done in the context of injuries and illnesses in the wilderness. People who have a lower level of training tend to think about the items they can carry "just in case." People who have a high level of training tend to forget first aid. I can totally understand why your father might have overlooked the basics. In this forum, however, we're backpackers with some first aid training, not physicians looking to go into the backcountry (at least not most of us here, LOL).

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