You're right, the search function doesn't do a good job of returning threads that I know are there. I had to put "first aid" in quotes to return a few hits, but by no means all that I know are there! Frustrating! I did find a good one for you though...

This 2.9oz FAK thread is a good place to get ideas.

Also, if you want a critique of your list (theoretical or actual) then list the items and ask for a critique and that will generate alot of conversation, as it did in the referenced thread. That is a different approach than asking what other people carry because you will get the actual feedback you say you want, instead of the ones you are getting.

If you don't mind me asking, what is your training and your typical backpacking environment (i.e. solo/group, civilized/wilderness etc.)?

MNS a/k/a Dixie Moon cool

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