"I was thinking more of just recharging them in town or having them charged at home and cycled through with each resupply (have a couple sets and send the depleted batteries back to be recharged and then sent back to me and so on.)"

I suggest that you don't cycle through to charge things at home via resupply boxes, because that strikes me as a lot more boxes than you want, fixing you to too many post office open/closing times. I had five resupply boxes on the AT last year (new pair of shoes in each one) and that was just right. For me, at any rate. Bring a charging cord for electronics you carry on the trail, and charge at hostels, motels, and when you go to a restaurant (or fast food place or even gas station mini mart) try to sit where you can charge your device(s) while you eat. I found that was plenty on the AT.

You might also want to limit how many different devices you carry that need to be charged. My smartphone does most things for me, including acting as my only camera on long trails. I do carry a separate MP3 player (long green tunnel ...), but I use one that takes a single AAA battery, so no problems there.

Of course there are different approaches to this stuff, but --- unless you have some really specific/limited dietary restrictions --- I think you'll regret it if you set yourself up to get a large number of resupply boxes along the way. Just get a good guidebook and figure out resupply as you go.
Brian Lewis