Another member asked me to compare the two sleds I use as pulk sleds (gear sled pulled by man power), so I figure a new topic is in order.

My first pulk sled is a Paris Expedition. You can read my full review here with pictures.

My second and newer pulk sled is a Pelican Snow Trek 60. Full review with pictures.

Both sleds work well for getting gear into the backcountry in winter. The Pelican is my favored sled because it is wider and sturdier. This comes at a cost of weighing 10 pounds more than the Paris. It is also easier to attach poles on the Pelican as it has pre-molded attachment points versus the simple holes for rope on the Pelican. Both track straight, but the Paris is less prone to tip-overs on sloped trails due to it's wider stance and deeper tracks.

The Paris is much more commonly used as a pulk sled compared to the Pelican. The Pelican is primarily designed for use behind a snowmobile, but works great pulled by manpower alone. There is a wealth of information on the internet including where I found many ideas for my pulk sleds.

What pulk sleds are others using? Has anyone else used a Pelican?
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