i use a colapsable 12' 3pc fiberglass cane rod sold at wallmart for 12 bucks as a tenkara rod and it works fine i use 12 foot of braided waxd hempline(also sold @ wm) as the fly line and a reg 6-9 foot peice of mono as the tippit/leader material shoter thiker mono for heavey flys and longer thinner mono for lighter flys i generaly use 8ft 4ld test as a general duty leader/tippit (note: fishing is not about the gear as much the insight time and enthusiasm u put in to it.)that being sed i typically out fish freinds of mine "with this 15 dollar set up" that carry seven to a thousand dollrs a gear around with them and they just dont get it its more a bout the stalk aka knowing what kind of habbitats the fish are more likeky to be in and finding these places and the presentation putting something in front of a HUNGRY fish that resembles food in a manner that doesnt scare the fish its really that simple. GOOD LUCK
ps.. above all else unless your starving to death just enjoy yourself

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