My knees hurt canoeing because I'm generally kneeling and sitting on a foam saddle. We were going someplace and the foam saddle blew off along a freeway I guess, so anyway I haven't been canoeing this year. Today I was driving by the pawn shop and saw two canoes out back and stopped to look at them. One was way too small for me but the other one had a molded in seat and didn't hurt my knees. The guy who runs the pawn shop said he wanted $250 for it, but nobody has any money so he'd take $175. So anyway I traded him an old shotgun for it and threw in a compressor I don't need and some old reloading dies, so he was happy and I got the kayak. Its 12 feet long made by Wilderness Systems and has a Carslisle kayak paddle and a spray skirt. I can hardly wait to try it out, but as this is the land of glaciers lakes and rivers, it will be easy.

the best part maybe the molded in beverage holder. But what exactly are the other two molded in holes for, right where you sit? blush
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