First of all let me be clear, I hike to enjoy myself, not to lose weight. The only reason I'm posting this is I've been following weight watchers when not hiking (Weight watchers can be left in town with the computer when I hike. I enjoy myself more).

Just for amusement, I put the WW calculator on my hiking food:

Egg and Taters + coffee - 6 points

1 landjaeger sausage - 4 points
35 almonds - 4 points
dried fruit - 1 point
1 piece Hudsons Bay bread with peanut butter - 15 points
chunk of Parmigiano Reggio - 3 points

Dehydrated backpacking meal - average 12 points

Desert - chocolate and tea - 2 points

That would be a nice total of 47 WW points in a day while hiking.. smile and that's not even counting the odd "I'm bonking"
candy bar.

(I normally eat about 30-32 points in a day)

No wonder the food keeps me content.. Although it's nice to
see counting it out verifies my usual gut instinct of "this is more than enough in the bag, I won't starve :)"

Yeah, I've looked at the calories and that before too, but never in comparison to what I usually eat in a day!

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