Looking for opinions on these two tarptents. Based on price and a few other considerations I have narrowed it down to these two tents and would like to get some feedback on which you think is better. Will be used solo so room is not an issue at all.

I like the design of the Cloudburst b/c it is much like my old Warmlite design which was the best tent I have owned. Appears like it would go up fast and be very weather proof.

I like the Rainbow b/c of freestanding option, double door ventilation for nice weather, and looks like a nice tight pitch taht won't loosen and sag like the Cloudburst might.

However....I did have a single Rainbow for a while and while I liked it I remember the setup was not as effortless as I would have liked (somethint with the small top pole I think was a PIA for me, and I remember that the pole sleeve was weak. I think I punched a hole it in with the pole once). I also remember it leaked a bit at the seams despite thorough sealing.

Which do you prefer and why?

My criteria are ventilation for warmer weather, ease of setup, tight pitch, windworthiness, and rainworthiness, minimal condensation issues (as much as possible)