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[quote=Jimshaw]The purpose of this post is to maybe demonstrate to beginners that ultralight gear is not better gear and to consider what you actually need in a piece of gear as being more important than what it weighs.


I can kind of see what Jim is saying in some respects. Let's say that X piece of gear needs to fulfill XYZ functions but is only tough enough to meet X and Y functions due to compromises made to cut weight. So if it only fulfills X and Y but leaves out Z then it doesn't meet your needs and might need replaced with a heavier more functional item.

I agree completely-- all gear, has its place. in winter, my fancy feast stove and SP 600 pot is staying at home and out comes the Whisperlite and 1.5L pot.

I guess what Jim missed is that if a piece of gear only meets X and Y, then you do not automatically need to switch to a heavier, all-in-one item to meet all three functions. Perhaps one piece of light gear does X and Y, and another piece of light gear does Z. Case in point hydration-filters.

Some filters do XYZ (bacteria, virus and protoza) but, they weigh in at a pound or more. So you instead pick up some ClO2 tablets (0.9oz) to kill X and Y. Then perhaps a frontier pro filter (2oz) to take care of Z. Total is 2.9oz verses 16+oz. Result=the same.


Here is my gear-list:

Please feel free to inform me of what I am missing, what comforts I am sacraficing or saftey that I am breeching.