In addition to what ChrisFol said about the various layers, it might help if we knew what options you have available for shopping. Living in Deep East Texas, I have Walmart, Target, Academy Sports & Outdoors and Gander Mountain all within an hour of me. Dallas is about 3 hours away and I go there about 1-2 times per year. In that area there is REI, BassPro, Cabela's along with the ones above and a few 'boutique' type stores that have more upscale equipment.
There is also a great thrift store in Lewisville.

Here where I live, we do have a couple of thrift stores but the clothing is very limited. If you are short and heavy set, you've got it made. I'm not so I have to go frequently and check for various items. Most of my gear, I've secured so I don't go that much any more and I also make a lot of my midweight tops (fleece).

You can also occasionally pick up great deals on items for sale here on the forum.

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