If the kid is prepared, has experience, it's what he wants to do and they have that kind of money to throw at it and know the risks. find. I certainly could have managed to kill myself doing stupid and inglorious things in the bush at 13.

Yes kids can die doing stuff like this. They can also die playing hockey or soccer, and they can certainly die driving to school. Is *this* kid ready or fit for that? don't know. but I'm certain it is *possible* for a kid that age to do it given that you have guides taking money to drag fat our of shape old guys up it.

Would I want anything to do with it? No. modern stories off Everest leave me with nothing but a feeling of complete disgust, and the thought that it has become a high altitiude dumping ground and playground for those suffering from the problem of too much money and not enough to do with it, and guides who will take it and walk by hurt climbers to get thir party to the top.
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