I finally received my Trailstar after about 6 weeks of waiting. There isn't any threads on the trailstar so thought I'd post a quick 1st impression review. Im new at this so you've been warned smile The trailstar comes with a silnylon stuff sack, 40ft of cord and a tube of silnet. Stuffed in the stuff sack its a bit wider then a nalgene and about 1.5 to 2" taller but still compresses quite a bit. If your not familiar with the trailstar its a pentagon shaped tarp with 7ft long sides. All the corners come with linelocs as well as midway on the sides. On the inside it has hooks on all the seams mid way up and a loop at the peak along with one on the outside. The peak is reinforced with Dyneema X, which I am not familiar with but is supposed to be pretty strong. I put approx 2 feet of cord on all the line-loc's and still have a huge about of cord left. Once I had all the strips of cord on I set it up in the back yard and hand room for my two kids and I plus room at the edges for gear. The postage machine at work said it weighs 1lb 3oz with the 40ft of cord and stuff sack.

Setup is a little tricky and I still have to rearrange the stakes when I set it up but once setup properly and for the appropriate weather its great. It has no door or zipper so you just stake it out and put your trekking pole inside for the peak and if its nice out pitch it higher for plenty of ventilation or if the weather is bad, pitch it lower with a lower opening.

Its supposed to do well with wind, its actually described as "BOMBER ALPINE WIND PROTECTION" on the MLD website. Well its pretty windy today with an avg of 21mph wind speed and gusts up to 52mph (I live pretty close to the mtn so the wind is usually stronger in this area) so I set it up after work to see how hard it would be to pitch it in the wind and see how well it did. After rearranging the stakes a few times and tightening the line-locs I got in and only felt a little wind creep in from underneath. I had to pitch it lower so had less room inside but still did not feel like I had lost a lot of space. I was still able to sit up and lay inside with no problem.

Below are some pics I took when I set it up on the weekend. Had a slight breeze that day.

I'm really looking forward to using it on a 3 day trip at the end of the month.
My gear is no where near lightweight