I like this group because of the challenging innovations and constant current of new ideas. It has a good balance of newbies and folks of all experience levels. As opposed to other groups, the trekkers group has only one way of doing things and they resent new ideas, the hammockers have a limited number of ideas and write over and over about the same ideas about hammocks and never talk about packs, stoves or clothes. The Portland hikers don't even hardly mention gear at all. The Mt Whitney group would rather write about baseball than stay on any serious topic, and they are inundated by people without a clue who want to summit without gear or skills. Trailspace is a good group, but it is very top heavy with a huge percentage of senior campers, but the material is varied and you get good information there. The people at trailspace care about each other maybe even more than this group.

But like I say, this group has many wonderful people and constant new ideas and innovations to think about.
These are my own opinions based on wisdom earned through many wrong decisions. Your mileage may vary.