hello all,
since i can remember, fishing has been one of my biggest hobbies, all the fishing ive ever done is lake fishing though. never used a fly rod. i want to get into fly fishing (and have wanted to for a long time), but i dont know anyone that does it and i have no gear. ive seen tons of posts on this site about fly rods and the like but i was wondering if someone could give me advice on learning how to use a rod. im great with a spinning rod or baitcaster but never even held a fly rod. is it easy to learn?

like i mentioned earlier, ive seen many posts regarding fly rods on this site but i was wondering what i should look to spend on a rod. i dont need to have the best out there but i also dont wanna get something im gonna wanna replace after ive used it a few times. whats a good price range? most of my other rod reel combos range from $100-$200 if that helps at all. on a side note, i would like to bring my rod backpacking so im sure a lighter weight rod would cost more right?