A comment, RE: Mosquitoes biting through hammock fabric.

Mosquitoes can bite through some fabrics, but not all. It seems to depend on thickness or how densely woven the fabric is. Nice, light breathable fabrics may allow their little proboscii through, double OR single layer. I own no home made hammocks, but have used many Hennessy models. The Racer models with their very light fabics and the non-UL, like Cocoon, Expedition, and Explorer Deluxe with the bright green fabric do allow bite-through. This fabric weave looks a lot like a duck weave. The models listed above have a less dense weave that are more breathable, but yes, can allow mosquito bite-through. Treating with Permethrin or using a pad pretty well solved that issue for me. The very tight weave of the Backpacker Asym has not allowed me to be bitten through the hammock. I haven't used the Hyperlight enough to know about that one's fabric, but I now treat all hammocks with Permethrin to avoid ants and ticks, as well as other bugs.