My pillow cost about 50. I went to a garage sale and found an open cell egg crate mat that is 1.5 thick. For my pillow I cut a 6x14 rectangle. It weighs about 1.5oz. If I sleep on my back, I stuff it under --only-- the small of my neck, just for support. If I sleep on my side or stomach, I fold the rectangle in half. Yes, its a small pillow, but it still does a good job of propping my head and allows a cush feel. When packed, its about the size of a soda can.

For the pillow case, I just drape my car shammy over it. Thats probably my most multi-use item in my pack that ends up being the same weight as my pillow.

I use the above on about 1/2 my trips. The other 1/2, I just fold my hiking clothes into the quilt/bag stuff sack and also drop my shammy over it for a nice feel. But I admit, its not as cushy as open cell foam.

May everyone find their pillow zen smile