I'm looking to build a tarp tent that I can use this winter on northern sections of the PCT. Just in case the weather turns sour, I need it to be able to survive high winds while keeping out enough gusts for me to stay warm inside. Of course I don't expect a tarp tent to be as warm as an expedition tent, so I'll implement other measures as well.

Several years ago I used to know of a bunch of diy sites, but I can't seem to find much now, so I need your help.

I've seen the Henry Shires tarp tent mentioned a few times.

If I make Henry's tarp tent, I'm thinking I'll make it with a full tub and vented beaks on both ends that can extend all the way to the ground.

If you would, please advise as to other tarp tent plans, and how these tarp tents could be made more suitable for 4 season camping. I'm okay with a totally different diy design, just let me know what that is. Thanks!