As I said I bought a speer hammock and tonight I set it up down near the local river. How am I getting Internet? My friend has an Iphone smile
Anyway I set up the hammock in a less than perfect spot. The distance between the trees is about 10 feet. I noticed that I have a spot of hammock material that is fairly tight and forces my legs to one side or the other. This might be normal but I was wondering if there was anything l could do to prevent this? So far that's my only question.
It so dame comfyin here. I am sleeping on a blue foam pad with a 38 degree bag. I am not a fanof the pads, sliding around and stuff, but I'll try and make a pocket to keep the pad in. I could splerg and get an uq, I'll try tinkering with this pad idea first.
The fire is going, smoke rising, good friends around... Life is about hangin loose and relaxing. Any way night night!

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