I've been looking at the Platypus cleanstream but I have a few issues with it.

I don't need the 'clean' bag that the filtered water ends up in as I will likely be using gatorade bottles.

I've noticed you can buy just the filter which has me thinking about just putting on a 'hiker's friend' style set up per Jardine.

I haven't been able to find a bag with a spout however aside from ULA's Amigo and the Seychelle setup which both come with a filter. The platypus tank bags and their Big Zip hydration bladder would work but I'm not saving much if any money over just buying the whole Cleanstream and tossing the bag I don't need.

So... does anyone either know of a suitable lightweight bag with a spout or know of an easy way to install a spout on something like the Antigravity gear bag?

I'm NOT wanting to run a siphon tube as I find that a bit fiddly, nor do I like the method Jardine suggests to do it using a ruber band and synthetic sinew.

I may be able to make a suitable bulkhead fitting with some threaded nylon tubing from the local bigbox hardware store along with some nylon nuts, washers and orings but I was curious if someone has a better idea.