smirk smirk Welcome fellow backpacker from cuba -- could be a first. I've got several friends from Miami that bp with me and would technically be called Cuban Americans, but none in Cuba.

How'd you get the pack? I guess that embargo we got for American products being sold (trolled) in Cuba is getting pretty lax.

Not sure what this has got to do with MYOG, but anyway, as long as your pack is less than around 50 pounds, it should be able to fit and be taken onboard any major airline in the US without a problem.

BTW, I just saw that pack on Steep & Cheap for $149, about a third its original price. But they only deliver to the US -- and then most online retailers aren't willing to deal with that whole embargo thing, unless alaa el sheikh, you're at Gitmo. smirk smirk
- kevon

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