Seemed appropriate for this forum. A friend at work inherited a small garage/service station with a paint booth when his father died. He doesn't run it as a business, but tinkers around with neighbors and friend's cars. I was walking by last week as he was talking to someone else about the garage and I circled back to listen. They were talking about sandblasting media.

I talked him out of a baggie full and took it camping last weekend. It was crushed walnut shells. I let my Ti pot dry and used a palmful and a small washcloth to scrub out the food residue. It worked great. I have read about using sand or small gravel to clean pots but dry, clean sand or gravel is not something you find laying around out here. I never thought about packing my own in.

Bad? part is, it costs $30 for a 15-pound bag. That's enough for two lifetimes. I'm going to check the next Cabela's catalog for abrasive media that they sell for polishing cartridge cases for reloading ammunition. It should be a smaller quantity and hopefully cheaper.

Best! part was that I did not have to tap into the water supply to wash up. And infinitely biodegradable. Bonus!

He also has crushed corncob; I thought it was too soft. Might be all right for the coated cookware though. For your consideration...