Hello all, just signed up for this forum today!

Recently started getting interested in trying out the whole hiking in the wilderness thing and am hoping to go as soon as I can get the money and then the gear to go. I live in Las Vegas, NV and for those who don't know we have Mt charleston and the surrounding area which I hear to be a nice place which is where I will be doing hiking for the time being.

I've been trying to find concrete information on if I am going to need to get any permits and/or their cost, but the internet seems littered with information on that unfortunately.

Seems like gear is pretty expensive, so I'll likely try to find second hand stuff for everything I can (I'm a long way from being rich). I'm looking to spend probably around 14 days up there, even though I know it's probably going to be a lot of weight in food and fuel. Hopefully this will become a fun little hobby for a long time!