I was recently looking at the different variations of the alcohol stove and I do think that I have got that thing worked out. I have a couple of basic Pepsi can stoves that work really well. I was reading what a difference that a wind screen could make in the efficiency of your stove, and have found that this is the answer to an efficient stove I have one variation that is about 3 inches tall, holds about 3 oz. of fuel, and will boil a liter of water in around three minutes. Now I don't know how efficient these things can be but I don't think that I have seen any more efficient than this one. I have had it (I made it around two years ago)around two years and have used it for every thing from over nighters to being on the trail for around two weeks and it has always worked flawlessly. Some times I will take two of these because if I want to cook I have to have a longer burn time than just one stove will allow. So while I am cooking on one of theses stoves, I have another ready and waiting full of fuel that I can just slip in place of the first one when the first one runs out of fuel. This gives me a 12- 20 minute burn time and that is usually more than enough to cook pasta or whatever it is that you need to cook When the fist stove runs out of fuel, I simply slip it out from every thing and slip the full one in it's place. You can almost have it lit before the actual boil stops and again it gives me a 12- 20 minute burn time. I think , from what I have read, that I have as an efficient of a stove that I have seen any where. I also use a "pocket rocket' as an emergency stove and it will not boil water as fast as my alky stove... If any one needs ideas of how I made my stove so efficient feel free to e-mail me and I will be happy to share....sabre11004 awesome awesome
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