Hello Everyone - I'm new here and this is my first post. This will also be my first MYOG project. Been reading lots of good stuff and I think you may have the key to what I need to know.

So, I need a sleeping bag that is suitable for backpacking. Even if I could afford the $300 or whatever for a nice one, I'm kind of a bigger guy, meaning that climbing into a standard mummy bag leaves zero room for movement. Making my own oversized mummy bag seems to be the best option available to me.

The fabric patterns appear to be straightforward enough, but I want to make sure I make something with the proper cold rating. So I was looking at CLO ratings. Take a look at the "Yeah, but who hikes in a business suit" section of this article:

Based on the info of that article, I could purchase 6 oz Primaloft Sport ( http://thru-hiker.com/materials/insulation.php ), and would have a CLO of 4.74, giving me a cold rating of roughly 40 degrees. Also, based on them saying it's 6 oz/sq yd, am I estimating that if I needed 2 yards of the 60 inch insulation (or 3.33 sq yds) @6 oz/sq yd, the resulting bag would weigh 19.98 oz plus shell and zipper material. Am I understanding all of this correctly?

Thanks in advance for any and all helpful info!