I don't know if ya'll remember Jim Wood talking about his sil-nylon treatment a while back or not. Basically he devised a way to paint silicone sealant onto sil-nylon by diluting it. He developed the treatment for sil-nylon floors, but mentioned that it would likely work on canopies. For more info check out the article about it on his site (jwbasecamp.com).

At any rate, I just thought I would mention that I have performed the treatment on my Squall with good results. My main complaint I had with the Squall was the misting I got in heavy rain. I did a 4:1 treatment (4 parts of low odor mineral spirits to 1 part of silicone sealant) on the canopy, and it seems to have resolved the problem as I have had it out in heavy rain post treament, and got no misting. I also treated the floor (with a close to 4:1 ratio I think) on the inside to add some tackiness so I wouldn't slide around. That worked well too.