Been reading these forums for a while, it is a ever growing wealth of information. I've looked around and didn't see much on this subject and was wondering what your takes were on it.

I've done a bit of reading on the subject of how to properly walk and pace yourself in such a way that you can go almost indefinably.

From what I've found you should practice walking in such a way that your steps are very light as if you were walking on eggs or the like. This way your muscle tissue and bones are not taking a small hit every-time you step so you don't get achy or bruised feet as soon as you normally would.

Also while taking those steps one should train there feet to relax there muscles in between steps so that 1) they get a small rest between steps & 2) they have a small chance to re oxidize and circulate blood, therefore refreshing them a bit between each step.

My questions are:

Have any of you heard of this kind of thing if so do you put it to practice?

Secondly, I work security so on my rounds I have been trying to 'train' my feet for this. It really does seem to make a huge difference. The problem is though even after hours of working on this during almost all my night shifts I still have to really concentrate on it or i start to forget to relax a muscle or start to step just a little harder again. Also if I am doing this i can a only travel about 1mile/hour. I am ok with going slow, I normally do any way since I can enjoy the trip more, however, my target speed is probably more like 2 miles/hour. If any has tried this do you find that if you use this on the trail after the first 2 or 3 miles you have started to be able to go a good pace and not spend much time concentrating on it?

Hope to see some input, and thanks.