Hello board,
im new here as well as to the world of backpacking, i have been in love with the outdoors my whole life and have always hunted, fished, hiked, and camped. Im looking to broaden my horizons a bit and do some serious backpacking. I am looking for suggestions of places to go (ie. trail heads, sight seeing, locations in general) in the wyoming area. I am thinking the bighorns, not really sure where or what part but i have drivin through there and like the area. i plan on being out 3-5 days with about 4 guys, we are young and acitve and pretty outdoor savy. Ideally i would like one location that will take up that time, provide a bit of a challenge and not be to overly popular or crowded. i have looked in the cloud peak area but it seems pretty strict on rules, such as camp fires, and things like that. any suggestions would help greatly or anyone or any sites, or phone numbers, would help as well.
thanks a ton and i look forward to hearing from all of you.