I know that body fat % and all of that plays into as well. I will say that the 10% number you threw out there is probably double of what it actually was. I realize that you don't know me, so all you can do is guess. I could take the widest pinch of my stomach as I could and still only end up with about a 1/4" between my fingures. Basically just skin. I was in great shape back then. Now am I probably closer to that 10% mark.

Back on topic. I was looking at the 70 for two reasons. One being having enough room for when I do go out on week long trips and two, I like being able to access the main compartment from the bottom, which you can't do with the 60. I'm open to other suggestions on packs as well. The only decent shop I know about only carries Osprey and Gregory packs. We also have a DicksSportingGoods and of course SportsAuthority, but I don't know about the quality of their gear. Any suggestions on gear would be helpful. I know that I want a tent due to how bad the bugs can get down here. We can get some pretty bad wind and rain sometimes, so I'd like some that will hold up well in those conditions as well. I'm thinking for the sleeping bag of maybe spending a bit more money and getting the Marmot Ecopro. I like the idea of down, but seeing how I'll also take this gear canoeing I want something that will still be able to maintain some warmth if it gets wet.

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