snow camping never was very appealing to me so i am not going to worry about getting really nice gear for that at the moment. I have been doing some looking around through my drawrs and was hoping to find some old fleece jackets and stuff and ended up finding some really great, what we call in lacrosse, shooting-shirts. They are just real light weight fabric that isn't cotton, i can't remember what fabric it was and since i am at the library right now i can't look at the tag. But i think they are going to be great. I also have some really nice thin addidas athletic socks with a type of vent system on the top of the toes that i am sure will do the trick. Now that i have told you of my discoveries, i have some questions to shoot at you guys.

I have a beanie made out of acrylic 100%. is this material any good? it kind of feels along the lines of a cotton type material and is a little bit thick. but i really love the beanie so eithor way i will probably end up using it smile. but just out of curiosity...

Next on the agenda, gloves. What exactly is the deal with the gloves? I can see a beanie to keep your head warm at night and if it is raining and stuff. The only thing i could find about gloves with some searching was it keeps your hands from getting torched by the sun if you use walking sticks, in my case i don't. Is there some special secret that gloves have that i don't know about?

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