Here is my clothing list for my through hike of the JMT in August and early September of 2008. Temperatures in the morning were as low as a measured 27 degrees F. It rained, lightly, once. Weights are in oz and were measured, not taken from manufacturers claim.

Trail running shoes, Montrail Hardrock '08. 36.20 oz
Smartwool medium cushion crew socks, wool. 2.75 oz
Dirty Girl gaiters. 1.22 oz

Worn on trail
Running shorts with mesh liner. 4.0 oz
Icebreaker merino wool SS T-shirt. 5.41 oz
Bandana, cotton, 1/2. 0.50 oz
Hat, Full brim. 3.30 oz

Carried in pack (LS shirt and pants worn if cold or sunny)
Long-sleeve shirt, nylon, L.L. Bean. 8.50 oz
Cargo pants, L.L. Bean, Nylon. 13.25 oz
Long-sleeve 100 wt. homemade fleece pullover shirt. 8.15 oz
Montbell down vest. 5.50 oz
Mittens, Polartec 200, homemade. 1.50 oz
Hat, Polartec 200, homemade. 1.50 oz
Long underwear bottoms, Patagonia Capilene 2. 5.80 oz
Spare socks. 2.75 oz
Socks for bedtime, light weight. 0.85 oz

BPL DriDucks rain jacket W/hood. 6.12 oz
BPL DriDucks rain pants. 4.00 oz
Rain over-mitts, silnylon shells, homemade. 0.40 oz

Total, worn and carried = 6.98 lb

If I got cold wearing most of the above, I would wrap my sleeping bag around me; only did this a couple of times. When I did laundry, I would wear my Dri Ducks for modesty and try to do the wash early enough in the day for it to be dry by bedtime. Not sure if this is possible in the East. I would only wash a few items each day and carry them hanging from the back of my pack to dry.

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