I have been reading through threads for 4 days now on this site and decided it was time to post for the first time, so here goes.

I used to go backpacking quite a bit when i was younger with my parents but since I have headed to college and haven't had much time to go. I am looking to really get back into backpacking. I do own some odds and ends things from about five years ago(most of which were close to being outdated when i got them). So my things are pretty old.

I have a kelty hurricane 4900 backpack. I KNOW 6 lbs 7 oz, way to heavy. I intend to get another pack later in the year when i have the funds. but for now it isn't really a concern. What i am really looking for is advice on is getting a new sleeping bag and some hiking clothes. For my situation i will be hiking early summer through late fall doing 3-5 day trips. I would love to hear recommendations on sleeping bags that you guys have or have heard about( please keep in mind i am in college)

As for clothes, I was raised with just grabbing a pair of regular sweats, a couple pair of shorts, 3-4 socks, 3-4 underwair, 3-4 shirts, and a sweat shirt. No weight was considered, it was just kind of a grab some crumby stuff out of the drawer and pack it up type deal. I would really like to hear what kind of things you guys pack for clothes and any recommendations you would have for me when i go out and buy my own clothes.