I turn 50 in one week. I just got my "AARP" card along with an invitation to join their club in the mail. They even knew my full name! That could be considered a valid definition frown

I don't go to doctors (Prescribers?) much. Don't take any prescriptions and rarely even take an aspirin.

I still smoke and I drink good beer everyday, only eat two meals a day, and seldom eat sugary stuff at all.

I make it a point to hike to the bottom of the holler behind my house every few days and spend some time wondering around in there, mostly because I can.

This ain't much different than when I was 30. Before that I didn't drink beer at all and I worked a lot harder, but I don't really feel much different. Not enough to complain about it, that's for sure.

I still get out and work hard too. But not like you, chaz. I have a neighbor, Randy, about my age and he works like a mule too. So does his dad, Verlon, who's a neighbor also. Verlon's 76. We all built trails in the forest between our places a couple years ago. Verlon set a tough pace and after a week he had wore me out good. I didn't say anything until Randy whined a little but that was all it took and we both got to commiserating good.

But I guess we should take advantage of any privileges our age might gain for us. I mean, shoot, according to the AARP now I can get deals on hotels and car rentals and insurance and more !! smile smile


"You want to go where?"