I have bought quite a bit of what I thought was sil-nylon (couple of shades of green and couple of shades of gray along with a bolt of white,) but after recently getting a Patagonia Das Parka and a Kifaru Woobie (both ripstop DWR's) I noticed that most of the green & gray stuff felt like the ripstop DWR material. I had mostly used it to make stuff sacks and pack covers along with a tarp I made out of it which had been exposed to light rain and did ok, but when I took a sample of the gray & green awhile ago and poured a puddle on to each with a paper towel underneath it puddled then soaked through in less than an hour (similar to a Patagonia DWR windshirt I have) while a section of known sil-nylon tarp I tried the same test on is still holding the water hours later. So any ideas on what the green & grey stuff is? Momentum maybe? Is this stuff good for making wind shirts & quilts/sleeping bags out of?