Not really a "Make Your Own Gear" question, but I'm rebuilding some boots. I just got my old gortex lined leather ankle boots restitched and they feel great, but are in serious need of traction so I am going to canabalize my trail runners. I will try and get a photo up. These ankle boots are a very light, and the leather is flexible but very durable, and the goretex liner seems to have held up well. They are pretty simple and weigh just under a pound each for size 12. There is a small leather logo on the back that reads H.M.O. and a small metal tag on the side that says "Goretex". I think I got them 25 years ago in Victoria BC around the time that Goretex first came out. Anyhow, I am going to try to resole them with my trail runners. The trail runners uppers hold too much water, but they have good traction. Not sure what rubber glue might be best for cold temperatures. Would Shoe Goo work?

Has anyone heard of H.M.O boots, from the early 1980s?