kutenay i have tried to stick with the facts as they were written down when replying to posts i have taken my time responded to comments with facts and no name calling if you could provide examples of wherei have had these troubles you speak of it would be helpful try to use quotes from this thread every thing that i have said is here. what i said is that there is no one out there as qualified as him if there is please give examples to back yourself up.in all my studies i have not found anyone who demonstrates such a clear understanding and has come up with a better workable strategy

also as i have pointed out before it is you that continues to disrespectful and calling names, the reason that i have not said much about myself is that as you have pointed out this is a backpacking forum and out of respect i have not said to much about me as i am different than most people here in regards to my harvest of wild animals. but i will share some with youas you keep making comments. you are a good guess as i have operated a feller buncher how ever i will start at the beginning. i was born in whitehorse and we lived about 1 hours travel out side the city our property was isolated with no close neighbours here i took correspondence school. there was plenty of wildlife around the house.and i was lucky to spend much time with a native who employed me to work with him on his trapline he also bought the furs that i collected off my traplineon our property.when i was 10 years old i shot my first bear and moose with an old iron sight .243

e that year till now i have hunted and usually taken a bear and some meat animals every year .the bear pelts are sold to trapper friends or if they are very nice i tan them myself and keep them . since i was born eating beef or any store bought meat has been reserved for going out, this year i took a spring black bear and during the fall hunt took a 3point elk and one mule deer.

i have had a varied work history doing many types of work my one rule is that i do not work indoors some of the jobs i have done are surveying ,seismic work wrangler for hunting guide , running heavy equipment , fishing guide fish counting ,animal density study remote bush location construction which is my job at the present. the longest i have ever lived in a city is the present 2 years as my wife like yours got her wish. i might add it was the constant visits by bears to our last house that got her going that house was situated 35 min from fort st john where we now live (i hate it way to busy) .
i do not have an agenda and do not keep barreling in the part i have said about your feelings is well documented and i have only used your exact words and i again say that it is you doing the namecalling now i am stupid because i pointed out exactly what you said not what you thought you said. it was not trying to make it seem like you said anything the fact is you said that you never carry bear spray it is still there on page 1.

you do not have to keep going on about your spiritual kick i know exactly what you are saying why dont you go back and read what i actually said the fact is that it is dangerous to be that close to bears that is all i wanted to bring out so that newcomers could see that this happens on chance encounters is very dangerous and should not be tried for any reason.

i feel that i have probally spent as much or more time in the bush as you i have also learned from old and expert bushmen i to reload my own ammo only for 31 years tho and have certainly enough time to have a good opinion you are not the only one arround. if you respond to this please refrain from name calling and try to give examples of my wrong doings that can be proven by rereading this forum. if i am wrong i will apolagize. but so far i have tried to stick to fact which can be reread in this thread.

my feeling is one of sadness that it has all turned out like this and feel tired of defending myself from you accusing me of things that are not true and can be backed up by rereads. instead we should be putting our thoughts together in order to best help those that ask please dont call me any more names and lets try to end this in some way that could be positive